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What We Do

At Eigen Capital (pronounce "eye-gun"), we buy non-core asssets from large corporates and endeavor to rekindle growth and strategic focus to build world-class companies.


Who We Are

Eigen's Principals have all held senior positions at successful and prestigious financial institutions and investment firms, and have expertise covering proprietary origination, financing, project management, M&A, and post-closing monitoring. 


Christophe Mallard

Christophe has deep investment experience in corporate spin-offs and turnaround situations. He is involved in all aspects of Eigen Capital’s operations.

Trained initially as an investment banker in London, San Francisco and South East Asia, for UBS and Deutsche Bank successively, Mr. Mallard has been working on buy-outs and debt restructuring situations for the past 8 years.

Christophe acted as a principal investor for Platinum Equity in Europe, which he co-headed, and subsequently as a Principal for H.I.G. Capital; in such capacities, he led a number of controlling equity investments as well as distressed debt investments.

Christophe is a graduate from the H.E.C. business school in France.




Brian Duffy

Brian is a partner at Eigen Capital with an extensive background in corporate acquisitions, banking and finance.  Prior to the formation of Eigen, Brian founded B. Gordon Financial Consulting LLC (BGFC), a successful M&A advisory firm  providing services to private equity and high net worth clientele.  Over a 4-year period beginning in June of 2006, BFCG completed numerous buy-side, sell-side and capital raise transactions for its clients.

Before starting BGFC, Brian was the Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance with Platinum Equity.  His primary responsibilities were M&A transactions, strategic initiatives for portfolio operations and institutional fund raising. During his 5 years with Platinum, Brian raised more than 25 separate credit lines with aggregate commitments in excess of $2 billion, helping to grow portfolio revenue from just over $1 billion to over $8 billion.  Prior to working for Platinum, Brian was a Senior Vice President at Foothill Capital, now Wells Fargo Foothill.

Brian graduated with honors from Providence College.




Sam Belga

Sam brings extensive experience in finance and strategic business development to his role at Eigen Capital. Mr. Belga is involved in multiple aspects of our firm’s operations, with a particular focus on originating situations and executing transactions.

After several years in financial management positions both at Fortune companies and smaller organizations in North America and Europe, Sam transitioned to transactional environments in 2004.

He held a variety of positions at private equity firm Platinum Equity and was responsible for the sourcing and execution of acquisitions in Europe for the firm and its portfolio companies. Subsequently, he advised several small- and mid-caps at various stages of their development in their strategic initiatives including capital raising, joint-ventures and divestitures.

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